With the social isolation, my routine has changed a lot, now I have online classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. My study routine is divided into doing work, studying for exams and studying to reinforce what I have already learned. Sometimes I feel tired, I feel like giving up and I’m worried that I can’t do everything, but I always do my best. To entertain myself I like to watch series, sometimes I read a book, I also like to watch romance movies and comedy to distract me, I like to listen to songs and watch live from pagode singers. But mainly, since they released the return of soccer, my greatest entertainment is to watch the games of my team and follow the news about it. About my social interaction, I text my friends almost every day, sometimes we also make video call, some of them are already going out, But I continue to respect social isolation despite the fact that I miss going out with them and what my routine was like before the pandemic.

I believe that where I was most affected in this quarantine was in my sleep routine, my schedules are completely deregulated, I sleep very late and most of the time I stay awake doing work at dawn. I also split the housework chores with my mother, before the quarantine she was the one who did most things alone, now I do more housework and she stays in the kitchen because I can’t cook, even during the quarantine I took the opportunity to learn some things in the kitchen and I discovered that I’m not good. I hope this pandemic ends soon and everything goes back to the way it was.

My name is Bruna Macedo Simões, I am biology student at UNIRIO, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and that is my routine.